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Hello everyone I’m Candace from 123 Easy Trade and today is Friday April 13th.  We’ve had a great trading day today as you can see we have 307 ticks on the dashboard. Let me show you what what we did in order to get those 307 ticks.

We search for, Identify, execute and manage only A trades.

Whenever the market is falling out like in this trade… it is is an “A” trade failure.  What’s an A trade everyone asks me…

An A trade is failure of price action at support or resistance in the direction of the trend or the counter trend.

See how the trend here is down? OK, l let’s dissect it. The trend was down and continues to be down. As the trend doesn’t change quickly. Price  action hit overhead resistance. Then Roberto fired off, which is the audio alert for my proprietary software… Roberto fires off when price action failed at overhead resistance.  When Roberto speaks listen. He tells me to get in the trade… I get in the trade.

That’s what I want you guys to learn to do… get in the trade when your set up tells you to. This was a beautiful failure of price action  at resistance in the direction of the trend.

Price fought over here to get through resistance but failed. The blue dots fire off when there is capitulation about ready to fail.  This is my proprietary software that tell me exactly when to get in the trade.

Roberto says for me to get in I click and salute and get in that trade. It’s like I’m a robot following orders. I want you guys to understand how easy it is when the computer tells you to do something you do it.

I mean this is you following the orders of your automated system telling you when to get in the trade. For once… you don’t have to think. So for those of you who want to learn how to become a consistently profitable trader, learn to follow the audio or visual clue of your trading system that tells you when to enter and exit the trade.

Stop over thinking trading guys… It’s really as simple as listening and watching for your clues from a system you really.  I really trust Roberto as he’s 95% accurate. And the 5% of the time the trade doesn’t work out… remember this:

When an A trade fails, look for a BIG RUN REVERSAL in the opposite direction.  And you can go to the bank on that one as big run reversals are usually 50 to 100 ticks in the other direction.  

That’s all for now, folks… see you tomorrow!


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