Profits Run and Bill Poulos have more than 100,000 members from over 150 different countries. Here are a few of the Profits Run reviews and success stories received over the years.

Neither of my courses are ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but both produce positive results. But what I appreciate most about Bill’s courses is the constant support to ensure that all course materials are fully understood & properly applied. All of my emails have been promptly & thoroughly answered.”

-Robert C. , Auburndale , FL*

“My objective was to make $2000.00 to $5000.00 per month in the market. In less than 90 days with you I have put $6237.40 in the bank with an additional unrealized profit of $1305.08. The subscription is well worth the cost.”

-Ken S. , Smyrna, GA*

“I have your 1on1 coaching sessions and I just wanted to tell you that my coach is amazing! Your company’s philosophy of each of your students promising to pass along what they have learned is just another attribute that makes Profits Run stand above other companies ‘selling’ trading education!”

-Suzette S. , Leesburg, VA*

“Just wanted to let you know that I woke up this morning to a profit of $2,228.00. Needless to say, this method works. I appreciate all the work you do and for letting all of us know what you’re up to. You’re that rare guy who truly cares about his students. This is an incredible method!”

-Lee M. , Davis, CA*

“I am extremely pleased with the results. Following your trading methods I have gotten back what I paid for the course 4 times over within the first 4 weeks. You make the course so easy to understand with the trading examples along with the manual for quick reference.”

-Darwin M. , Roseville, CA*FL*

“This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. My whole style of trading has changed. The coaching staff has helped me understand how to use indicators more favorably to increase my opportunity for success. The value of your program has been outstanding.”

-Grant B. , Warwick, RI*

“Bill, I have been trading on too many parameters and have been confused. But thanks to your e-mails, trading has become much easier and profitable. Thanks & regards.”

-Arun M. , India*

“Bill you are the most honorable gentleman I have ever came across. I am 73 years old and believe me I know what I am talking about. God bless you and keep up the good work. For sure I would like to be one of your students. Thanks Again”

-Albert B. , Northridge, CA*

“I understood the course very well. I have had VERY good stock trading so far using your method. I had been trading stocks for 3 months before buying your course with mixed success and only a little profit… I was really floundering! Then, I bought your course and technical trading started to make sense. I went ahead and made a few real trades (7). I closed out the first step of 5 of them for a 3% profit in each case. This is a much better record than I had before!!! My compliments to you on a GREAT course!”

-Marge M. , Haverhill, MA*

“Because I was tired of ending up as roadkill on the investing highway, I invested in your course. Thanks for putting the program together, Bill. The course is quite simple and the method is clearly explained. So much so, that after a short practice period, I have been enjoying profitable trades right from the start. Losers? Occasionally, but they’ve been small and far outweighed by the many profitable winners.”

-Tom G. , Houston, TX**

“I put on a couple of trades this week & already hit profit targets on 2 of them. Your system is simple, but oh so powerful. I have been investing & trading for a number of years & this is the best course I have ever seen for making profits. I am very optimistic about the future, thanks to you & your course. Thank you so much!”

-Tom M. , Greenwood, IN*

“There is absolutely no way that you can be anywhere near as excited as I am! Thank you for making this available & taking me on board. There is unbounded appreciation for you here.”

-John T. , Grace, ID*

“I’ve been using your program for about two weeks and have had some nice short trades work out for me. In the past I have only tried shorting stocks a few times and just have lacked the confidence to continue doing it. I have a trade that I started out as a short that I had stop me out and I reversed as per your rules and I am out of my first 1/3 going long and have a nice profit and have moved up another 1/3 of my stops that will give me further profits. I would have never attempted trying to reverse a position without your program. Bill and Greg, thank you very much!!!”

-Steve L. , Fort Myers, FL*

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate being a trader under Bill’s guidance with my Options Income Engine subscription. The most valuable tool that Bill is providing in this program, is the notion that it is imperative to control the risk first and foremost, and let the profits take care of themselves thereafter. I’m learning to simply focus on seeing my portfolio inch upward, without becoming overly stressed at closing out the trades which are losers, knowing that it is all about the big picture, and that the winners are going to outpace the losers. It becomes a lot of fun this way, and I can relax under these conditions. Also, I am beginning to sense that Bill is right when he talks about becoming spoiled with options vs investing in stocks. In other words, I am beginning to feel spoiled with the options. Thank you so much for your effort and assistance, and will look forward to speaking with you, again, down the road perhaps, sometime in the not too distant future.”

-Steve K. , Vancouver, Washington*

“Thank you for a great product. 73% of stocks that hit the trigger price have been successful with the 3% profit target and have become ‘free trades’. Keep up the good work!”

-Greg W. , Phoenix, AZ*

“Money management and trading discipline were my biggest failures until I came across your easy to digest information. I sincerely appreciate your excellent teaching courses that have enabled me to begin profiting.”

-Dave H. , Anchorage, AK*

“After buying a lot of so called make money fast strategies, I had no idea how the Forex Profit Accelerator would work out. I paper traded the first two weeks and found this to be the real thing. After years of buying rubbish this seems to be the real deal. I started with the Pip Maximizer 2 and Instant Pips methods, which are doing very well. I find I have to leave the trades alone because when I see them up 20 points I think I should I take the profit, but I’m sticking to the alert signals. I can’t thank you enough for giving me this real chance to trade. Thanks.”

-Dave P. , Essex, Great Britain*

“Your instruction material is easy to understand and gives clear examples. I have had more success understanding and applying your principles than any other course or book I’ve ever purchased.”

-Jean A. , Beaverton, OR**

“Just wanted to say that your program is awesome. I already know options and with your course it is only a matter of time before I am financially free and can do my trading full time on a part time basis (hope that makes sense). I then look forward to being of assistance to you and your students as I will have so much free time. Let me know if you will need any help. Keep up the good work and I shall speak to you soon.”

-M.M., Bowdon, Great Britain*

“Your program has not only helped me to increase my wins, but I am now more disciplined in my trading approach and have become more confident! I am impressed with this simple yet powerful approach to trading. It is working well for me! It has become my primary trading method. It almost seems like you can feel a good trade coming on. Your hard work is helping a lot of traders and it is appreciated much. Since your program makes more money for me than total losses, I didn’t even feel bad about getting stopped out twice recently. The cost of the method is outweighed by the reliability of the method. Thanks Bill and Greg!”

-Neal M. , Bermuda*

“What a great trading tool! Easy to master and use effectively, and most of all, it really makes sense. No secret formulas or hidden services. Just a clear, concise and methodical method for success. Thanks again!”

-Lee Z. , Austin, TX*

“Your program is a practical, commonsense, no-nonsense approach and I am delighted with my decision to sign up. I am very optimistic that I will do well with this. Thank you.”

-Ken A. , Cardiff, Great Britain*

“I have been following your system for several months. I am pleased with the low risk and success rate. Caterpillar was the stock that I did best with… I have a few positions currently open that are trending up.”

-Lynn L. , Winchester, MA*

“Thank you Bill Poulos for a selfless effort that makes you over-deliver in your education. I have invested in your Forex Nitty Gritty, Instant Pips and now am getting Forex Profit Accelerator 2.0. I just can’t seem to get enough of your experience, sir. Thanks again.”

-Xoli X. , Middelburg, South Africa*

“Bill, I have been teaching at the university level since 1965. Your materials are first rate, & the best educational materials I have ever seen!”

-Kenneth R. , Rolla, MO*

“Bill, I have been teaching at the university level since 1965. Your materials are first rate, & the best educational materials I have ever seen!”“Great method! I can’t thank you enough for putting together such a comprehensive trading plan. The educational materials are excellent both in the information that you impart and the presentation. This will add much needed discipline to my trading.”

-Kurt B. , Ponte Vedra Beach, FL*

“Your program has been fantastic. I’ve worked with numerous models and studied many others; however, this is truly the best. I particularly like the discipline that it stresses. I have already learned to keep my hands off the keys until it’s time to do so. Before I started trading with your model, I looked at a lot of charts to validate the accuracy of your model…. and it works…. so often that it’s a no-brainer!!!! Thank you.”

-Harry S. , Potomac, MD*

“I’ve started studying the program and I love it. You have given me the hope and confidence I need to trade well. I am having more winning trades, even though it’s not real money as yet. I know that I will perform better once I complete your course. Keep up the great work, Bill, and hope to meet you in the near future. Send my regards to Greg. Cheers.”

-Sam S. , Bangkok, Thailand*

“For some time I knew that I needed to sell options for a better result in my portfolio. These trades that last only one week are the perfect answer. What I like most is that this income stream requires no extra investment at all – a nice portfolio of dividend paying stocks gives all the margin you need. I’m also pleased with your attention to risk management which gives me much more confidence. I wish you all a happy and very long life. Thank you for your great service.”

-Lex L. , Amsterdam, Netherlands*

“Your program is excellent. Truly excellent and wonderful value for money. I’ve been trading for many years but your method is just what I’ve been looking for – simple, effective, and easy to comprehend and follow and takes very little time to put into practice. I particularly liked your presentation, the professional video, and also the fact that you provided many examples. Well done and thank you once again.”

-Roger C. , Twickenham, Great Britain

“I’ve been trading since last July and although I’ve made lots of money, I’ve not been able to hold on to it for all the reasons you cited in your materials. Your website changed my trading habits so much so that I made about $8,500 just using the techniques I was able to glean from your trade videos! I’m very much impressed with your course, nice work!”

-John F. , Pewaukee, WI*

“I don’t know why, but from the first time I learned to know more about you, I felt like you could be my father teaching me a precious way to gain my living in another way than going to work every day. I realize very well that this way of gaining my life will also ask a lot of discipline, what I am not afraid of anyway. I will go on with it anyway and hope to learn to master your way of trading as soon as possible.”

-Patrick G. , Vleteren, Belgium*

“I was so excited to get your program and now that I have started going through the course I can see why you are so excited about it. The training has made it easy for me to understand what an amazing technique it is!! I can already see the potential it has IF FOLLOWED correctly!! Until recently, I have had a hard time letting go of my losses and now that I am able to let go (without regrets), I am looking forward to being able to short the market, which I have always wanted to do, but have been afraid of until now as I was not sure what indicators, etc. to use. The great thing about your course is that it is like a classroom situation. However, unlike a classroom situation, I can go over and over the parts that I do not fully comprehend the first time. I have been using your workbook along with the tutorials and last night I had a real ‘light bulb’ moment where everything just fell into place so I went over the charts that I have been watching and could easily see the method in action. I know that I have gone on and on about your program, however I am so excited about this that I wanted you to know. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, and making it so user friendly!! Congratulations to you and Greg!”

Vickianne M. , Victoria, Australia*

“I’m having very good success using the Instant Options Income program… My account is up over 15% since I joined the program. Thanks for the help.”

-Kerry G. , Sebring, FL*

“This is one of the most complete trading courses I have seen. It outlines step-by-step the trading criteria with tons of examples.”

-Lori, Honolulu, HI*

“I have been looking for an easy to understand and easy to implement method for quite some time now, but have not found any as simple and effective as your program. The most important aspect I think is to be able to fully understand why I’m getting in to a trade and when I should get out, and this method explains it all.”

-Martin G. , Manchester, Great Britain*

“I absolutely love this method. Your personalized service really reinforces that my decision to buy the course was the right one. I have begun studying in earnest. I am getting more at ease with the method, and have begun paper trading my favorite stocks with amazing success. Bill is absolutely right when he says this method is powerful!! I want to take the opportunity to express my great satisfaction with the course materials. Obviously a lot of work has gone into this course to make it as clear as possible. The methodology, coupled with sound money management, is VERY exciting. I have been trading for a long time now, but with only mediocre results. I have really been missing a robust trading method in my arsenal. This is the second course that I have purchased from Profits Run, and I am very satisfied. Bill is ABSOLUTELY right, and I have learned this from experience, that a trader MUST invest in his education to be successful. And your site provides honest education with follow up service. Sorry for the long e-mail, but thank you for this great course.”

-Pierre D. , Quebec, Canada*

“Keep up the good work Bill. You’re a great teacher & I should know. I have been teaching in the aviation business for over 18 years. Also I would like to commend you on your honesty. Thirdly, your software is great & priced well to fit the budget of us less wealthy critters. Thanks on behalf of all learning traders.”

-Rob J. , San Francisco, CA*

“I’ve been a fan for years. You are truly one of the caring and informative trainers. God bless you and your family.”

-Paul E. , South Elgin, IL*

“The most important lesson I learned from experiences is to control the trading risks and your program offers the answer – ‘free trade’ money management. ‘Free trade’ money management… reduces my potential losses by 90% to 95%!”

-H. L. , Belle Mead, NJ*

“Your program has been a wonderful way to discipline myself to take profits before my winners turn into a loss. Very good and very user friendly method. I’m already in 2 profitable trades early (met the first profit target) and entered a third trade with options today which is looking good so far. All the course material was explained very well, so thank you.”

-D.A., Salt Lake City, UT*

“I’ve had the Forex Profit Accelerator for about three weeks now and have taken most of your recommendations with very favorable results in a demo account. About 70% of the trades I’ve taken have been winners and I have two other profitable trades that are active. I really love the absence of stress that comes from trading at the end of the day. With my stop loss and profit target in place, I can do other things during the day, with just an occasional peek at the progress of my trades. Last night I entered the Instant Pips trade for the USDCHF with a take profit of 1 Average True Range above the entry and it reached the profit target overnight, so I woke up with a winning trade! I’m very happy with my experience so far.”

-Geri E. , Columbia, MD*

“Thank you for putting together a complete course that details every aspect of the method. So many courses these days do not give you all the information needed to successfully trade, but your does! My first trade has paid for the course! Thanks!”

-Eric G. , Wasau, WI*

“Congratulations Bill and Greg with the very useful and powerful course. It helps me in my belief that stock trading can be profitable. The knowledge that there is a skillful team to support me gives me all the confidence to go into the market.”

-Ton O. , Huizen, Netherlands*

“Your course is down to earth & helps me understand why I was losing so much trading with recommendations from other ‘experts’. I was seriously considering giving up on trading, however your course has encouraged me, & by following your guidance has produced positive results. Your course is much more rewarding than other courses provided by ‘celebrities’ that are far too expensive.”

-Maurice O. , Kadena Chou, Japan*

“Thank you Bill and Greg. Being a novice in stock trading, it’s very encouraging the way you honestly try to help your students. With all the ‘holy grail’ offers out there, it’s hard to earn an honest buck (especially in the stock market). I feel that you are one of the sincere people who could really help individuals like me. Keep up the good work and more power to all of you.”

-Carlos P. , Burbank, CA*

“Excellent job on your course! It is by far the best, easiest to understand/implement, & the most complete I’ve come across. I’ve back-tested it on some equities & it is truly impressive. The beauty of the course is in its ‘simple & direct approach’ to technical trading. You present your student with everything from how to get in, limit risk, reverse on a trade, & ultimately take profits.”

-Alexa A. , Tampa, FL*

“I have serious money invested in your program in five different family accounts for which I have investment responsibility. I want you to know how satisfied I am with it. In a very treacherous market, it is a wonderful thing to protect what we have, & your program is doing just that, while putting us in a position to capitalize on any potential major move. My sincere congratulations on a very good product.”

-John R. , Phoenix, AZ*

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