No patience on entry: Rich would see what he thought was a good trade setting up, then jump to pull the trigger without waiting for confirmation. This lead him down the path of too many stop outs, too many failed entries, irritation at himself and frustrations repeating the same issue day after day while losing a lot of money..


Rich discovered the 123 Easy Trading system and decided to give it a try. Throughout the training he watched time and time again as the other students who followed the program were not getting stopped out as he was.

HE LEARNED TO TRUST THE SYSTEM: Through the training on ‘’Exact Entries & Exits’, Rich discovereda computerized entry signal the students had affectionately named Roberto, was usually right at least 80% of the time. Since a computer signal is smarter than any man, and has a higher probability of working out, Rich started paying attention.

He learned to trust the system by testing the entry signal over 100 times, and came to the conclusion this signal called Roberto, or the Striker Arrow, was usually right. So Rich re-trained his brain to wait until the Striker arrowfired off before he could enter the trade.

Rich LEARNED the system, then learned to TRUST the system, then learned to trust HIMSELF.


Rich is an avid learner that was DETERMINED not to quit trading even though he had blown through another account with his quick draw entries. Once he identified his problem, he focused on practicing 100 trades in either his sim account or on Replay after hours. He would only enter when Roberto, the Striker Arrow told him to get in the trade.

Once Rich let go and allowed the computer to tell him when to enter the trade, he was able to generate $27,500 in profits in one month! He is on his way to becoming a consistently profitable trader!




  • I made 156 ticks LIVE MONEY trading the Nasdaq and the Russell. I quit trading around 10:30 est. I traded for approximately 1 hour to make $1,560!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Your system works really, really well.

    Stephen P.

    Student Success Story

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