Over trading: Michael has traded stocks for years and recently discovered day trading the futures. He confessed he loves trading so much sometimes he finds himself getting in and out of trades simply because he doesn’t want to miss the action in case it turns into a runner.


Michael found the 123 Easy Trading system in early 2010 and was impressed with the consistency of accurate trades Candace called in the live trade room. He back tested the system for hundreds of trades to determine Roberto, the Striker Arrow was averaging 80-85% accuracy. He calculated that each futures market presented an average of three to five ‘A’ Trade Explosions every hour, consistently.

Armed with this research which he’d proven himself, he no longer felt driven to impulsively take random trades multiple times during the trading day just to TRY and catch the action. He knew for a fact that the ‘A’ Trade Explosion offered him at least three to five massive moves if he was just patient.


Michael learned patience, and to TRUST the system, then learned to trust HIMSELF. His Performance Review is currently averaging 78% accuracy every month.




  • I made 156 ticks LIVE MONEY trading the Nasdaq and the Russell. I quit trading around 10:30 est. I traded for approximately 1 hour to make $1,560!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Your system works really, really well.

    Stephen P.

    Student Success Story