Selling too Soon: Jerry is a dairy, wheat, soybean farmer with 1000 acres he farms in Missouri. He has traded futures for years, but he would position trade and hold the contract for months to hedge his yield on his crops. Once he discovered day trading the futures, he decided to supplement his income with trading.

Since he had somewhat of a time constraintbecause he had to finish early to maintain his crops, he would get out of trades much too early and leave a lot of money on the table. This frustrated him to find a better way.


Jerry found the 123 Easy Trading system and decided to give it a try. Once he completed the High ROI Trading course, he found his solution with ‘Exact Entries & Exits’ …

He learned that every trade has an exact entry and exact exit. He would put on shorter trades with tighter targets and he would carry less positions which would lighten his emotional commitment to the trade. Since he had shorter targets he never had to leave money on the table as he was ‘scalping’ for quick in-and-out targets.

If he only had an hour in the early morning to trade, he’d make certain to only take the ‘A’ trades that filled their targets quickly.


Jerry has customized the 123 Easy Trading system to suite his ‘scalping’ time restraints and rarely leaves money on the table or is rarely stopped out as he’s trained himself to take only ‘A’ Trades. He’s recently confided he averages about $2000 a week trading futures ‘his way’.




  • I made 156 ticks LIVE MONEY trading the Nasdaq and the Russell. I quit trading around 10:30 est. I traded for approximately 1 hour to make $1,560!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Your system works really, really well.

    Stephen P.

    Student Success Story