Pattern Day Trader RULE – How To Day Trade Like A Pro

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style=”text-align: left;”>Hello everyone so glad you can join us today! Today was another great day in the trading room. We caught  ES failing out of bed and put some profits in our pockets!

We picked up 26 points or $260 in the early part of the trading day after getting stopped out by that nasty little NQ. Earlier, I was down 45 ticks that’s 450 bucks and he started to make me really mad. But you just can’t let these markets get to you no matter how bad it gets.

Fortunately,  my trading plan says that until I am down 100 ticks and I have some room to work with. But once I’m down 100 ticks, I have to stop trading.  

I want you guys to set your rules that you trade by. And never break your rules. You just have to learn how to  stay steady and you’ll earn it back when the market starts moving again. The markets were really choppy this morning they’re still choppy now.  

Earlier in the day, ES got the UGLY  award for the day because he was one long string of dots across the screen.  That’s your visual clue to stay out and don’t trade that market.

Another visual clue the market is too choppy to trade is when there are two or more Roberto’s that fire off in a row.

Roberto is pretty darn accurate and never makes that mistake.  

In case you don’t know … Roberto is my proprietary software that tells me when to get in the trade or when to get out. And he’s just a computer so he can’t see the chop slop. But he’s extremely accurate so I trust him.

When Roberto speaks I listen. When he tells me to get in a trade… I listen. When he tells me to get out of the trade… I listen. I want you guys to understand that’s the fastest way to become a consistently profitable trader… is to find a trading system you believe it and trust. Then trust it! When the system says get in… GET IN!

I want you guys to come over here and let me show you how to day trade like a pro. I will teach you how to day trade using these day trading strategies following our really simple 123 easy day trading rules.

You’ll learn the patterns of consistently profitable day traders and you will learn how to identify an A trade, how to execute effectively and how to manage that A trade for the highest profitability.

I’ll see you when you get here!  Bye for now.


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