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Hi, I'm Candace, and I'm here with an exciting opportunity for you. If you're ready to transform your financial life and have just a minute, listen closely. With my 35 years of trading experience, I've developed a simple yet powerful trading strategy that's perfect for anyone, regardless of your financial or trading knowledge. We use an automated software tool that makes everything sooo simple, literally anyone can do it.

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Bonus #1 - LIFETIME ACCESS To Weekly Coaching With Candace

What You’ll Get:

1. The ability to connect with other like-minded lady traders to form groups, ask questions and get support from traders around the world. 

2. Ongoing weekly coaching from Candace, including a deep-dive on a trade that failed and what tell-tale signs made it NOT an A-Trade

3. Gain invaluable experience each and every week with lifetime access to ongoing coaching with the experts. Traders of all experience levels welcome!

Bonus #2 - High ROI Digital Course with 24/7 Lifetime Access

What You’ll Get:

1. The skills to spot lucrative A-Trades and zero in on the most profitable trades right when they’re poised to make money

2. Guided training on 8 specific indicators that come together like a “perfect storm of profitability” so you can know exactly when to get in and get out for maximum earnings.

3. Access to a friendly, open and comfortable simulation so that you can learn to like a pro even if you have ZERO trading experience and you suck at math!

Bonus #3 - Real Time Buy/Sell Audio Alerts

What You’ll Get:

1. The freedom to go about your day, secure in the knowledge that these real-time alerts will tell you the perfect time to trade.

2. Key indicators that let you know exactly when to buy and sell and alert you for maximum results!

3. Audible alerts that work tirelessly for you, monitoring the charts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Bonus #4 - 1 on 1 Strategy Session With Candace

What You’ll Get:

1. A head-of-the-class jumpstart so you can start trading like a pro even with no experience. 

2. Over 30 years of knowledge direct from a veteran futures trader who can help you tweak and refine your strategy for even better results. 

Bonus #5 - "Ugly or Pretty Charts" eBook

What You’ll Get:

1. The detailed expertise that illustrate exactly which charts to embrace and which to avoid.

2. Common trap setups that look like “all systems go” on profitability but are NOT, and how to sidestep them so that you come out ahead.

Bonus #6 - A-Trade Explosion Accelerator Tips

What You’ll Get:

1. Decades of know-how in spotting a lucrative A-Trade and the secrets you just don’t get unless you’ve spent 25+ years trading futures. 

2. Strategies and tips to start maximizing your profitability on your trades so that you can start earning while you learn!

Bonus #7 - My Million Dollar End of Day Journal

What You’ll Get:

1. The ability to seamlessly track your trades and spot mistakes even experienced traders make from time to time.

2. Avoid the most common pitfalls that even the pros make and know what you did wrong with your trade so that you don’t repeat it. 

3. Correct key issues and strengthen your weak points so that more trades become big WINS. 

Bonus #8 - Done For You Chart Template + Indicator Installation

What You’ll Get:

1. Custom installation of your key chart indicators alongside our Tech Director.

2. 24/7 Email customer support always available if you have questions or run into any problems.

3. Easy-to-follow templates that make trading futures simple, straightforward and exciting!

Bonus #9 - Access to the Live Money Masterclass

What You’ll Get:

1. A safe, comfortable, friendly and welcoming environment where you can start off with simulated trades at ZERO risk. 

2. Once you hit a win rate of 70% or better, the ability to join small, close-knit trade groups that will make the transition to real-money trades easy and straightforward. 

3. The ability to ask questions, get support and receive guidance from Candace and other traders every step of the way. 

Bonus #10 - Profit Rocket Indicator Suite

What You’ll Get:

1. Eight custom indicators that reveal exactly when to get in and when to get out of your trades. Say GOODBYE to emotional impulse trading that can wreck your finances! 

2. Go about your day with ease. The Profit Rocket includes video and audio indicators that tell you when it’s time to trade!

3. Eliminate guesswork and emotion and let the chart indicators do all the heavy lifting for you!

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