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Candace Pendleton's Trading Career


I’m not your typical day-trader.

I’m a mother who struggled for years to provide for my family.

Twenty years ago I was married to a wonderful man (Bill) with the perfect family. We had two babies under the age of three and life was perfect… until Bill was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the age of 47.

He died 62 days later.

The shock was nothing less than crippling. With very little money and no skills, the only thing I had left was the determination to never give up.

A tiny ray of light appeared when I discovered day trading futures. And just like every newbie, I took trading courses and begin trading.

The hope soon turned into disappointments. I lost more money than I ever made.

Frustrated with the high-priced, over-hyped trading educators, I made two decisions:

1) Never buy another high-priced course
2) Create my own DANG trading system

So, I combined everything I had learned and created a simple trading system.

When I applied this new trading compilation to my own charts, I started hitting “home runs”.

Even after testing this for thousands of chart hours, I couldn’t believe that something can be so incredibly accurate.

I begin to wonder –
“Will this system work for everyone else but me?”

So, I started sharing the system with family and friends. And their results were no different.

I begin receiving incredible responses from people.

Inspired by the success, I launched 123EasyTrade.com

Today, I am living the life of my dream. My two kids are grown up Men happily married.

More than anything else, I want to make the same transformation available to everyone.

You too can start on your journey towards achieving financial freedom day trading futures.

And you’ll be excited to discover how simple day trading can be.

Wishing you financial success and prosperity!

With love and respect,

~ Candace




  • I made 156 ticks LIVE MONEY trading the Nasdaq and the Russell. I quit trading around 10:30 est. I traded for approximately 1 hour to make $1,560!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! Your system works really, really well.

    Stephen P.

    Student Success Story