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7-Pillars to Profit Video Master Class

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Have you ever planned on trading futures… but have been so overwhelmed with where to start?
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Have you tried before in the past but got so frustrated you banged your head on the wall and gave up? If so, pay attention!
There’s finally a new, breakthrough 7-Pillars to Profit Video Master, created just for people like you! It’s called the

7-Pillars to Profit Video Master Class

  How to Bank Big with the ‘A’ Trade Explosion!”

And, if you really want to understand a simple, step by step guide that takes you by the hand and visually shows you the steps to get started in order to have the most successful, futures trading career…
Then this 7-Pillars to Profit Video Master Class is definitely for YOU!
See, my name is Candace Pendleton and I’ve traded futures for over 10 years now… but it wasn’t easy my first two years! I mean, trading the futures can be really overwhelming for even the most experienced stock trader.
That’s because the big Wall Street guys want you to be confused! Seriously. They want new traders to swim into their ponds so they can attack you and legally steal your money.
In those first two years, I spent a fortune on high priced educators that dumped 700 page manuals on my desk and confusing instructions I was supposed 

Here's Just "Sneak-Peak" At What You'll Uncover with the

7-Pillars to Profit Video Master Class
How to Bank Big with the ‘A’ Trade Explosion

Here’s what you’ll discover in this course:

  • Learn exactly how to identify the ‘A’ trade set up.

  • Learn aspects of why the trade works so EXPLOSIVELY!.

  • Discover exactly what you need to be watching BEFORE it sets up

Learn the 7-Pillars to Profit for Pro Traders

Dramatically Increase Your Trading Success by Learning These 7 Skills

1. How to Identify the ‘A’ Trade Explosion

You will discover how to identify only ‘A’ Trades that have a higher probability of turning into an explosion that can generate 50-100 tick moves in just a few minutes. That’s $500 to $1000 with one contract.

2. Discover How to Execute Effectively Even If You Get Stopped Out!

You will learn the secret of why we don’t care, even hope the ‘A’ Trade will fail. 

3. Manage the ‘A’ Trade Explosion

Managing the ‘A’ Trade Explosion for the highest profitability is the most challenging skill to have as you must manage your emotions, your money and the market conditions. In this training, you will learn the good habits to help you manage this powerful trade.

4. Manage Your Money at Risk

You will discover that managing your money in the trade is automatic so you don’t have to think before you pull the trigger. This allows you to become a carefree, relaxed trader. 

5. Manage Your Mindset

Managing your mental mindset is the most difficult for any new trader. The Pro Traders know what they need to think about in order to become consistently profitable. You will discover those secrets in this training. 

6. Manage Your M.I.S.S. Score

Successful traders grade each trade from A to F. At the end of every trading day, they grade their total M.I.S.S. score to improve for the next day’s trading. You will learn to do the same thing in this training. 

7. Pro Traders Have a Mentor

Learning to trade the futures is easy. Navigating the sometimes treacherous waters is difficult. Learning a proven system that has an 80% chance of high profitability is critical. Follow in the footsteps of money. Find someone to help mentor you and train you to develop only good habits that have the potential to 10X your trading performance.